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13mm Expanded Grating

13mm Expanded Grating
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13mm Expanded Grating is the most common aluminum expanded grating, it is anti-slip with its knurled surface, which is very beautiful. It’s 13mm height, 600mm width in general. From a profile of 236mm width, after hobbing on the surface and perforating, expanding, then the expanded aluminum grating is formed. As the knurled surface, the expanded grating is shining like a diamond, you can call it aluminum diamond grating.

The common length for expanded grating is 6m, which is formed from a 6300mm profile. HY can cut to any length for your requirements, while the width is 600mm only for now.

13mm walkway grating is usually installed with mounting disks and bolts, which makes the structure elegant.

13mm expanded aluminum grating is the lightest expanded grating for now in all HY expanded grating, it is applied to platforms or walkways not requiring heavy duty capacity. Its flanges and knurled surface make it not only beautiful, but also anti-slip which is applied to areas requiring skid resistance . Expanded aluminum grating is widely used as kinds of modular walkways, roof walk safety, roof top safety, stair treads and so on.

Expanded Aluminum Grating Types Available:

  • Different lengths with 600mm width, max length 7500mm.

Diamond Plate Aluminum Applications:

  • Safe pedestrian access over any roof
  • Roof walk safety
  • Roof top safety
  • Modular walkways
  • Accessing of plant and equipment
  • Platforms
  • Suspended Walkways
  • Stairways
  • Step-overs

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