HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum & Steel Products for Residential Use

HY provides aluminum products applied in residential field.

HY swaged aluminum louver and aluminum grating could be made to window louver protecting people indoor from the strong sunlight and also keeping good ventilation. This reduce the energy consumption of air conditioner which also protect the environment.

Aluminum grating and aluminum louver could also be used as an indoor screen to make one room divided into two parts and provide privacy. It can be painted to a range of colors to suit different designs. HY products could also be made to kinds of furniture, like tea table, TV stand, dining table, desk an so on. Furniture made by aluminum is strong, safe and healthy. There is no poison from aluminum furniture which keep people healthy. Aluminum grating and aluminum louver can be assembled into a range of sizes and shapes to meet different requirements.

HY once made a flower shelf with aluminum grating and aluminum perforated plate installed outside of the residential building, providing a supporting platform for the outside balcony and also making the building facade more elegant.
Also, HY aluminum grating , expanded walkway, and aluminum stanchions could also be used as indoor stairs. With different colors, aluminum grating and stanchions are pretty beautiful.
HY will make your house smarter, healthier, prettier and more fashionable. Aluminum products will lead the trend and make the world better!

  • Aluminum grating
  • Aluminum louver
  • Desk
  • Dining table
  • Tea table
  • TV stand
  • Book shelf
  • Bar counter
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