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Aluminum & Steel Products for Commercial Use

HY products are widely used at commercial field, such as exhibition, garden, park, natatorium and so on.

Aluminum grating could be used as ceiling indoor which is with a sense of design. It could also be used as a wall indoor, it would be pretty together with grating ceiling. Aluminum grating is widely used as an outdoor or indoor flower shelf, could be supporting the flower and keeping air ventilation. When used at outdoor place, HY products could be made as fencing of flower, which could protect people inside out of sunlight effectively, and provide a supporting shelf for flower. Aluminum grating and aluminum stanchions can also applied to a catwalk or walkway for tourists in a park or other public areas. HY aluminum products can also used at natatorium or other places as commercial floor grates near the sea or lake to build a platform or walkway as the character of corrosion resistance. Aluminum and steel grating can be anti skip with its serrated surface, and HY expanded grating is born to be knurled which can ensure safety even at a angle of 32° for a platform or bridge. And aluminum products can be made to different colors with powder coating to suit kinds of projects.

As its superior bearing capacity with low self weight, aluminum grating is widely used at kinds of platforms and catwalks. As sun screens, aluminum grating and aluminum commercial louvers are used at outside of building, normally covering the glazing facade to keep people inside out of strong sunlight. Our trafficable aluminum louver could also be used as a platform for maintenance and cleaning work as its good bearing capacity.

  • Aluminum grating
  • Aluminum louver
  • Expanded grating
  • Aluminum and steel stanchions
  • Ceiling
  • Building facade
  • Sun screens
  • Walkway
  • Fencing
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