HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum & Steel Products for Industrial Use

HY provides aluminum bar grating products for light duty applications and steel bar grating products suitable for heavy duty applications. Our products can be used for metal platforms and walkways, flooring, catwalks, stair treads, drainage covers and so on.
HY products are widely used in industrial area, like in a factory, power station, even in a food factory and a place near the sea. Cause our products are accordance with the food safety standard, and more important, our products are corrosion resistant.

Aluminum swaged grating could be used as industrial walkway grating to build floors, platform, stair treads, and expanded grating is usually used as maintenance platform and supporting platform. Aluminum louver is usually used at building facade as sunscreen, our trafficable aluminum louver could not be used as sunscreens, also could be used as a maintenance and cleaning platform outside a building. Aluminum stanchions are usually used as protective fence. And steel grating and stanchions could be used as steel gflooring, platform, stair tread, walkway which requires high bearing capacity.

Aluminum grating is famed with its light weight and good load capacity, special for expanded walkway. So for a platform used in the air or at a high location in a factory or warehouse, aluminum walkway grating is the best option.
When required high bearing capacity, swaged aluminum grating with large-sized flats or pressure locked grating could be available as they are with better loading capacity, and steel grating is with the best loading capacity. When bearing capacity is not a prior requirement, then ordinary swaged aluminum grating like 25x3/30/100, 25x5/40/100... are available. With smaller spacings, load capacity is better. Expanded walkway is the best option when light weight is the priority.
HY products could be used in industrial area as our products can meet the requirements, no matter for the bearing, or for the safety, and they are competitive.

  • Aluminum grating
  • Aluminum louver
  • Expanded walkway
  • Aluminum stanchions
  • Steel grating
  • Steel stanchions

  • Flooring
  • Platform
  • Fencing
  • Stair treads
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