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Aluminum & Steel Products for Environmental Use

HY products could be applied in environmental area which will improve the environment.

Aluminum products is pollution free, can make the environment more beautiful and cleaner. HY aluminum products has no harm to people on which we can rely on. Aluminum products can be anodized, it will extend the life of aluminum products. Aluminum products can also be painted with different colors. We usually adopt AkzoNobel Interpon powder coatings or Dulux powder coatings which is of high quality and generally accepted by customers. Any color is available as required by customers to suit different projects.

Aluminum grates and steel grates can be used as tree grates and guards in a variety of sizes and shapes. It can protect trees and at the same time, add a touch of class and sophistication to the landscaping project. It also preserves the water to provide a good environment to the trees and protect the environment. Whether for a downtown street, a quaint suburban neighborhood or a new stadium or amusement park, HY is certain to provide a line of tree grates or guards that meet your exacting specifications. Aluminum grates with anodise or powder coat and carbon steel grates with galvanization is resistant to corrosion which could guarantee the safety of trees in the water.

Aluminum grating and steel grating can also be used as trench cover. Aluminum grating is lighter than steel grating which is easier to be installed and removed, and is with better anti-corrosion capacity with anodise or powder coating than steel grating. While steel grating is with better bearing capacity than aluminum grating.

Aluminum grating and steel grating is easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning, safe and available in an almost limitless range of different colours, sizes and configurations. Aluminum and steel grates could be serrated in surface to meet the anti-skip requirement.

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