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Pressure Locked Grating

Pressure Locked Grating
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Pressure Locked Grating is made of two extruded bearing bars, locking them together. It’s process is different from swaged aluminum grating, it doesn’t need to be swaged , just need to pressure the bearing bars on both ends to make them locked tightly. Swage locked grating is strong and tight enough to hold on heavy things. Pressed grating is consisted of two flat bars, instead cross bars with flat bars. As all the flat bars are bearing bars, it is weighty but with good bearing strength. There are plenty types of bearing bars for pressure locked grating like 40*3, 40*5, 45*5, 50*5, 57*6, 65*5, 76*4.7 and other types. You can also require for serrated flat bars or plain flat bars for pressed grating.

Press lock grating is our newly designed product developed by HY Group, which is made of pre-punched bearing bars, pressed grating is a heavy duty bar grating. It requires a much great pressure for the machine. Pressed grating also has a more excellent strength than other gratings.

As this character of pressure locked grating, it is widely applied to kinds of platforms or walkways in many areas requiring large bearing capacity, like petroleum and chemical industries, marine and ocean projects, aviation and military fields and so on.

Pressure Locked Grating Types Available:

  • Flat surface press-locked grating with max length of 7500mm & max width 1500mm
  • Serrated surface press-locked grating with max length of 7500mm & max width 1500mm
  • Other sizes according to customers’ requirements

Swage Locked Grating Finishes Available:

  • Mill Finish
  • Clear Anodizing
  • Powder Coating

Aluminum Floor Grates Applications:

  • Passage     Platform       Parking spot
  • Fence       Walkway       Metal drain grate
  • Floors        Facade        Building ceilings

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