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Aluminum Grating

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Aluminum grating is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. Aluminum grating has an open vision, ventilation, air permeability and excellent performance. Its line is bright and neat, the level is clear, this reflects the modern style of concise and clear, it is easy to install and remove, which has become the main product of the popular decoration market in recent years. It is more suitable for use in public places, to decorate a unique, beautiful space.

Properties and characteristics of materials

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Through the combination of the unit and unit of a specific shape, the roof of the building interior is covered and permeable, the vertical, horizontal and oblique lines of the grille are arranged in a unified way, and the overall artistic effect of the decorative surface is added, which has the following characteristics:

1. It belongs to open space, which is conducive to the arrangement of ventilation facilities and fire sprinkler, and it does not affect the overall visual effect;
2. It adopts the high quality aluminum alloy plate, which can be decorated with the frame system;
3. It has uniform color, and it is used within the household.
4. The connection is strong, each grille can be repeatedly dismounted, it is convenient for maintenance;
5. It is easy to match with all kinds of lamps and fixtures, it can match with tube lamp, fluorescent lamp, if it is assembled according to actual need, it can have a good effect;
6. High consistency, orderly arrangement, neat and spacious space, not dull, not mechanical.

Process and classification of products

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The aluminum grating is strict in the construction process, which is in strict management in the process of storage and use of aluminum grating. Do not place other materials on board, do not hit, impact, in order to avoid damp, deformation. The maintenance port should be strengthened. Construction personnel should wear gloves to prevent contamination panels. Aluminum grating is mainly divided into flat aluminum grating and groove aluminum grating.

Construction and installation nodes

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Price range

The price of aluminum grating is determined by the composition of alloy and spacing of grille. The stronger the performance of the alloy, the higher the price; The smaller the grid spacing, the higher the price. Generally speaking, the price is 65-150 yuan per square meter. Don't go for cheap products. You may have a quality bias.

Classic case

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