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Aluminum Grating Furniture

For the past few years, HY is exporting swaged aluminum grating and aluminum louver to all over the world, applied in kinds of building facades, traffic projects, construction decoration etc. Our products play an important role in these projects, no matter as sunscreen shades or walkway or others. They reduce the air-conditioning running cost and protect the environment efficiently, widely loved by many contractors.

For now, aluminum grating is applied to many interior items, such as flower stand, bookshelf, desks and so on. More and more people get to know aluminum grating from HY and realize the advantages of aluminum grating. Benefiting from the characters of aluminum materials, furniture in aluminum is firm, stable, light, and as aluminum is one of the most adequate materials in the world, aluminum furniture reduce the waste of wood and protect the environment.

Aluminum grating is swaged, which is elegant and solid without welding and pollution. Furniture combined with aluminum grating is simple and smart, easy to be installed and uninstalled.

To explore the market in China, HY is registering trade marks for swaged aluminum grating and expanded walkway quoting the words of “swage” and “expand”. Now HY is trying our best to make our brands famed in China and become a fashion.

Aluminum Grating Furniture 1