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Aluminum Stair Tread

Aluminum Stair Tread
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Most platform and walkway applications require stair tread to access and connect various levels of the configuration, and we offer a full range of aluminum stair tread profiles to meet the dynamic market demands. Aluminum stair treads is made of banded aluminum grating, it is lighter than steel stair treads.

Aluminum stair treads is light, easy to carry and install. We provide a full range of aluminum stairs to meet the various demands of customers. Aluminum outdoor stair treads is usually used as aluminum step treads, aluminum deck stairs, safety stair treads, floor treads and so on. You can choose serrated aluminum grating to made to non slip stair treads. You could choose the aluminum stair treads with or without the checkered plate, with a installation method of using clips or welding. Checkered plate for aluminum stairs is always 3mm thick, and bended to suit the grating.

For surface treatment, clear anodising and coating are both available for aluminum stair treads.

Aluminum metal stair treads are usually used together with aluminum handrails , applied in kinds of platforms, stair ways, marine engineering, mining engineering etc.

Aluminum Step Treads Types Available:

  • T1: T1 stair tread is with no nosing covered, can be installed and fixed by welding.
  • T2: T2 stair tread is with no nosing covered, can be installed and fixed by bolts.
  • T3:T3 stair tread is covered with plate nosing, can be installed and fixed by welding.
  • T4: T4 stair tread is covered with plate nosing, can be installed and fixed by bolts.
  • Custom stair treads

Metal Treads for Steps Finishes Available:

  • Mill Finish
  • Clear Anodizing
  • Powder Coat

Aluminum Exterior Stairs Applications:

  • Rampway
  • Walkways
  • Aluminum stairs
  • Aluminum steps
  • Floorings
  • platforms

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