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Railings & Stanchions

Metal stair handrails include aluminum stanchions and steel stanchions. HY railing adopts ball joint design, the ball is welded to the railing, which make the stair handrails strong. Handrails are usually used together with stairs in kinds of platforms and walkways.

Metal stair handrails

There are P type, W type, S type and many other types for your choice, you can also have alternatives about the angles of the ball welded onto the railing. Base plate is available for aluminum and steel stanchions. There are many sizes about the ball and the railing for your reference which you can find out through our website. Industrial stair handrails have elegant appearance and good anti-corrosive performance with the surface treatment.

steel stanchions

It is widely used in shipyards, bridge works, fencing, power plants, sewage treatment plants etc. We can fabricate different sizes and types according to customers’ requirements.