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FRP Grating Types

FRP grating is divided into ordinary grating and cover grates.

Ordinary type frp grating:

(1)concave (naturally occurring): concave grill grates skid-resistant.

(2)the appearance of gritting: grills specially non-slip.

(3)smooth (worn in appearance): smooth grate do not prevent sliding, as typically used for decoration and other necessary smooth places.

Cover type frp grating: cannot have holes, prevent liquid leaking, gas or have special requirements for hole location.

(1) the smooth cover grills: do not prevent sliding and easy for dust removal.

(2) the sand cover plate grille: good slip resistance of sand cover plate grid.

(3) markings cover Grill: striped cover grille slightly less slip resistance, but more graceful.

FRP grating

Generally speaking, glass fiber FRP grating irregular classification can be divided into four types, as important to the use of the product and its characteristics, giving people more choice examples of many uses.

According to the often use of irregular classification series products, FRP grating manufacturers can be roughly be divided into a few categories:

1. FRP grating grill cover

The skid resistance of FRP grating for better performance, such as sand cover grille, stripes cover grille.

2. Conductive glass fiber grating

FRP grating themselves as insulators, without conductive, heat conduction, but in some places, demand for FRP grating is also conducting. Manipulation methods in detail in its appearance and thickness of about 3~5mm thick layer of graphite to eliminate static charge rise to damage. Conductive grid as in the traditional glass fiber grating corrosion-resistant, flame retardant, features such as combat, slip-resistant, light weight, used in oil refineries, weapons factories, high-tech industries, planning room, chemical fiber plant, dry areas and underground mining operations and other areas.

3. Porous glass fiber FRP grating

Micro-porous FRP walkway grating compared with aluminum walkway grating and steel grating has higher corruption resistance . Micro-porous glass fiber grating applied to trolleys and wheelchairs as walkway, double micro-hole lattice gratings can prevent small and other items falling. Test of micro-hole lattice grate satisfaction 15mm diameter ball, ideal for trench drain cover, coastal platforms, semiconductor, communications areas and computer room.