HY Industry Corporation Limited

Rising Cost of Materials

As kinds of reasons, pricing of materials, no matter steel materials or aluminum materials, are rising rapidly. This leads to the shrinking profit which added much pressure to us.

To keep a long and stable business relationship with our customers, we are trying to balance our pricing and quotation, while we are still feeling a lot of stress.

Specially for steel grates, we are under big pressure to serve our customers. Rising of aluminum ingot also makes big problems with pricing of aluminum grates. In order to stable our customers and ensure our cost, we have to update our price which also made troubles to our customers. And the depreciates of dollar against RMB also adds pressure to us.

At this time, it is more and more stressful but also competitive for HY Industry to stand in this market, we are doing our best to improve our quality and service.

Aluminum grating and aluminum louver from HY Industry is famed in this world, specially in Australia with our high quality products and premium service.

HY is keeping improving ourselves in quality and service, and keeping developing new products and new markets. Our agents are all over the world now, and still being expanding.

We believe HY will be your best partner.

Rising Cost of Materials