HY Industry Corporation Limited

Process of Aluminum Stanchions

HY aluminum stanchions is combined with aluminum balls and aluminum aluminum tubes, welding the ball to the tube forms the aluminum stanchion. Aluminum ball is formed from aluminum tube, using a mold to press the aluminum tube and then polish the surface to make it smooth and tidy. Double opening or single opening is available for customers. Single opening aluminum ball is made from double opening aluminum ball. Welding part of aluminum ball to the double opening ball, then the single opening aluminum ball is completed.

Ball joint aluminum stanchions is strong and easy to be installed. Coating and anodizing are both good for surface treatment. With the surface treatment, aluminum stanchions is anti-corrosive and beautiful. You can choose welding or using clips to install, while using clips is generally recommended cause it is very easy to install and uninstall aluminum stanchions. Aluminum stanchions could widely used at shipyards, bridgeworks, power plants, sewage treatment plants and so on.

Ball joint aluminum stanchions