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Aluminum grills ceiling grid system

Aluminum grills ceiling grid system consists of the main bone pieces , vice keel bone pieces and upper primary system. Constituted by the main and auxiliary grid sheets connected crisscross, it creates an open style combination design.

Aluminum grating is characterized by :

1. Open through spatial , three-dimensional sense . Modular grid ceilings are the primary and secondary bone vertical and horizontal distribution, structured, can relieve the closed space caused by oppression , to create a new lighting effects .

2. Lightweight quality materials, the appearance of simple, good ventilation performance .

3. Easy to match with a variety of fixtures and equipment, and also with the next frame system , is conducive arranged ventilation and fire sprinkler facilities without affecting the overall visual effect .

4. To facilitate equipment maintenance. Independent entry, easy maintenance of air conditioning at the top of the fire service installations and pipelines.

5. Uniform color, a variety of sizes and colors for the interior space to add a concentrated color . Ceiling grills with its structured, three-dimensional , innovative design, fire proof , good ventilation , which is widely used in hotels , shopping malls , commercial buildings , administrative buildings , supermarkets and other public places .

Aluminum grating