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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Aluminum Grating Ceiling

The difference between the top of high quality aluminum grating and the top of inferior aluminum grating, from the quality of the base material, the size of the aluminum grille manufacturer, the process flow, the coating, etc., they all have the huge difference. Good aluminum grating is determined by its overall performance, including the thickness of the ceiling of the aluminum grating and so on.

First: panel

High quality aluminum grating has high aluminum content, high rigidity and hardness, and good elasticity and toughness. The plate of inferior aluminum grating has low aluminum content, even recycling aluminum, the soft ductility difference of plank, in order to ensure strength, they have to make the board thick.

Second: paint

High quality coatings are imported, with strong adhesion, anti-corrosion resistance, ultraviolet ray, fine color, good sensitivity and so on. Inferior coating is powder residue or cheap quality paint, its adhesion is poor, it has the blemish that does not endure the erosion, the color is rough.

Third: the process of appearance

The appearance treatment process of high quality aluminum grating is using advanced rolling, spraying and coating technology. The finished surface is smooth and delicate, the color gloss is good, not easy to fall off, the thickness is even, not easy to change color.

The exterior treatment process of inferior aluminum grating is made by the baker oven. The base material is uneven, the thickness is unevenly, the appearance is rough, the flake is easy to flake off, the color powder is changed in 3-6 months, the quality is not guaranteed.