HY Industry Corporation Limited

Upcoming Presentation in Chengdu

After the presentation in Shanghai in October, we are going to have another presentation in Chengdu from November 14 to November 17. 
In this presentation, four designing institutes will be coming for it, including JZFZ, AEDAS, Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design And Research Institute and JANGHO. Over 100 designers and architects will be coming. 

We will also have four conferences, aiming at different aspects, including scenery, architect, indoor design etc. 

As different points of focus, we will prepare different contents for presentation. HY will also introduce our “SWAGE” , including swaged aluminum grating( plain aluminum grating, serrated aluminum grating, I bar grating, T bar grating, flush top grating, pressure lock grating), swaged aluminum louver(sunscreen louver and trafficable louver), and “EXPANDED” products including 13mm expanded grating, 22mm expanded grating, 30mm expanded grating, 40mm expanded grating and 2 kinds of perforated grating. Besides of “SWAGE” and “EXPANDED” products, we will also include other products, like aluminum stanchions and perforated panel in this presentation.

We believe our presentation will stimulate their inspiration and make their projects more successful.

We are looking forward to this presentation! Just wait and see!

Upcoming Presentation in Chengdu