HY Industry Corporation Limited

The Price of Aluminum

Due to the growing of aluminum industry, the price of aluminum is also growing in the past few months. It grows faster since this year, and continues to grow and then stay at a stable level. This increases the cost of aluminum products. While we will try to improve the technology to reduce the cost and make our aluminum grating and aluminum louver keep a stable price in the market. So under this severe situation, our price for aluminum grills and aluminum sunscreens is still much more competitive in the market.

aluminum products

Our swage machine is developed and designed by our engineers, we still keep optimizing and improving the capacity of our machine to manufacture more productively. We now have three generations of swage machines, they can work at the same time, which makes our manufacture more effectively.

In a word, we keep growing and developing in the market under such circumstance. We still keep provide the best products and superior serve to our customers.