HY Industry Corporation Limited

HY Swaged Aluminum Gratings and louvers

Aluminum from HY is swaged, in which the processing technology is researched and developed by ourselves.

Swaged Aluminum grate and louvers is light without welding points, which makes the products elegant and light while they are also much solid. Aluminum grating and louver could be used at building facade while the aluminum grating and expanded grating and stanchions could be used at industrial areas. Aluminum grating and louver are the most widely used in the world.

1.HY Swaged Aluminum Gratings and louvers

There are many kinds and shapes for aluminum grating, like plain and serrated swaged grating, flush-top grating, pressure locked grating, I-bar grating, diamond grating. Aluminum railings adopts ball joint design which is elegant and strong. Many sizes for the stanchions could be available. It is easy to be installed with the base plate. Clips are the most usual tools for the installation.

HY Swaged Aluminum Gratings and louvers

Expanded grating is very beautiful with the knurled surface. 13mm expanded walkway is most widely used in the flooring, while 30mm and 40mm expanded walkway is usually used as stair tread. It’s anti slip with the natural knurled surface. It’s shining like diamond, which makes it very popular in the world.