HY Industry Corporation Limited

HY aluminum products in civil application

HY swaged aluminum grating series are usually exported to Australia, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe etc, which are widely used as building facade, sunshade screen, fencing, flooring, walkway, platform, drainage cover and so on.

Now HY is developing civil area, using aluminum grating as tea table, dining table, office table, bookshelf, TV table etc. HY grating furniture makes your home or office simple but smart, it's modular and easy installed, with no pollution. Grating could be freely assembled to any combination according to your preference.

For now HY engineers are developing and designing a connection connecting the gratings together, in which this connection is easy for anyone to use and makes the structure elegant. With T bar grating being the desktop and swaged aluminum grating being the support frame, HY furniture is strong and beautiful. You can replace the swaged aluminum grating by I bar grating, which is lighter and economical.

As the characteristics of aluminum, one might run into the grating and hurt himself, HY provide protective jackets to avoid hurting.