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Aluminum walk platforms: three forms of corrosion

Aluminum walk platforms are made of aluminum alloy for corrosion resistance, good performance, but still possible for corrosion for the following several situations:

I. Pitting corrosion

It must result of acicular metal, porous forms extremely localized corrosion. Aluminum in atmosphere, freshwater environments, and neutral aqueous corrosion and perforations that may cause serious corrosion but black holes could eventually stop to increase the amount of corrosion to maintain limits. Pitting is a unique form of Anodic reaction in the catalytic process.

II. Galvanic corrosion

Corrosion characteristics of galvanic corrosion of aluminum, aluminum natural potential is very negative, when the aluminum with other metals, aluminum anode corrosion contact. Also known as galvanic corrosion the corrosion potential of metals by bi-metallic corrosion severity for the relative position of two sequences.

III. The crevice corrosion

Crevice corrosion is due to differential aeration cell function,resulting in crevice corrosion accelerated, and the slot has no effect. Crevice corrosion and alloys types relationship is unlikely, even if very corrosion resistant alloys also have a crevice corrosion. In recent years, has a more in-depth study of the mechanism of crevice corrosion,crevice corrosion of acid environment is at the top driving force.

Serrated Aluminum Walk Gratings Platforms Made in China

Serrated Aluminum Walk Gratings Platforms Made in China

Plain style China walk platforms

Plain style China walk platforms