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Indoor Screen

In modern decoration, indoor screen is a common way used to divide space. It is usually set in the prominent position in the room, and plays the role of separation, beautification and so on. As long as we master some methods and techniques, the indoor screen can be also beautiful, and reasonable planning can make space appear more spacious.
Screen as a kind of flexible design elements, has practical and artistic appreciation.  It can be integrated into a rich and diverse modern space environment through its own shape, color, texture and pattern. Screens are no longer limited to certain fixed functions, forms and placement, and each specific environment has specific design requirements, therefore,, we should make a plan on the basis of full understanding of the space before putting the screen.
The key features of grille screen:
1. Environmental protection: both anti-dust and antibacterial;
2. Safety: fire-retardant;
3. Durability: high-tensile strength; high resistance to bursting; The screen cloth does not deform after washing; the mesh will not break off, not fade, resistant to pollution;
4. Beauty: make indoor feel neat, beautiful and generous;
5. Ventilation: part of the screen has a mesh ventilation hole, air conditioning wind can be perforated through the mesh section, ventilated breathe freely.
6. Privacy: privacy protection and avoidance of noise;
7. Save land: save space, convenient use; can be scaled and folded.
The aluminum grille of HY Industry as a screen can be used as a indoor screen, also ventilated, and can be protected against theft. And the aluminum grille can also be painted according to the tone of the room and the preferences of the individual. As long as the color number is provided, we can give you the color you want.
Fixed grid screen: now Chinese style hotel is composed and elegant, the aluminum grille screen gives the star hotel a very special and traditional flavor. With the increasing diversification of hotel decoration style, the modern Chinese stainless steel screen classical Chinese elements and modern life habits are perfect ly integrated.Therefore the whole decoration industry can distinguish between the design of the space aluminum grille and the function of the leisure room in a completely new way. The Chinese style screen with aluminum grille reflects the beauty of the classical level of modern Chinese hotel, which can be described as luxurious.
Fixed grille screen is generally set in the indoor conspicuous position,as separation, beautification, coordination and so on. Complemented by each other, it radiates with the classical furniture, becoming the integral whole of household adornment.

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