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How to Make the Steel Grating Antiskid

How to Make the Steel Grating Antiskid?

The steel grating is a raw sheet loaded with flat steel and cross-bar arranged by  longitude and latitude of at regular intervals, and then welded by high-voltage resistance welding machine. It is a product required by customers through slicing, cutting, opening, drilling, edge wrapping and other processes.

It is widely used with its excellent quality, such as high strength, light structure, convenience to hang, beautiful appearance, durable quality, good ventilation, losing heat and explosion-proof. It is usually used in the fields such as petrochemical industry, power plant, water plant, sewage treatment plant, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering.

In wet and slippery places, steel grating is also required to have a certain anti-skid performance. In the existing technology, anti-skid steel grating is usually made of toothed flat steel,  whose one side has uneven tooth marks, which can effectively improve the anti-skid performance.

The toothed steel grating, also known as anti-skid steel grating, has excellent anti-skid effect. The toothed steel grating platform welded by toothed flat steel and twisted square steel is both skid resistant and beautiful. The surface of toothed steel grating platform is hot-dip galvanizing, and its silvery white color enhances the modern grace, which can be used in many fields. Toothed flat steel is the same as general flat steel, but the difference is that there are uneven tooth marks on one side of flat steel. The main purpose is to prevent slipping.

To make the steel grating have the anti-skid function, one side or both sides of the flat steel are required to have tooth profile, which plays an anti-skid role in use. The anti-skid flat steel belongs to the special-shaped section, which has periodic tooth shape and symmetrical special-shaped section. The cross-section shape of steel can have economical section on the condition that it meets the requirement on the use. The cross-section shape of the common anti-skid flat steel is used in the common field. The double-sides anti-skid flat steel is used in the occasions where the front and back sides can be exchanged, such as the floor of the automobile spray booth, which can improve the utilization rate.

HY Industry Co.,Ltd can produce this kind of anti-skid steel grating, which is called "serrated steel grating". The steel grating prices are reasonable.

If you have any needs, please contact us, and we will provide you with the best service!

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