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Steel Grating

Characteristics and Application of Steel Grating

The steel grating is welded by flat steel and twisted steel, which is durable and more affordable than other products. It is an open-field plate-shaped steel component that is carried by orthogonally combining flat steel bars and crossbars at a certain interval, and then fixed by welding or pressure locking. According to different manufacturing methods, it is mainly divided into pressure welded steel grid plate and pressure lock steel grid plate. It is mainly used in power plant platforms, sewage treatment plants, maintenance platforms, parking lot platforms, gutter covers and tread plates. It is mainly used in power plant steel grid platforms, walkway steel grids, marine steel grids, port terminals, sanitation engineering and other fields.


1. It has beautiful appearance and shiny surface.

2. It has strong anti-corrosion ability and a service life of 30-50 years.

3. The steel grating has high strength and light structure.

4. Steel grid plate is easy to install and disassemble.

5. It has advantages of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid and good explosion-proof properties.

6. It does not accumulate dirt, rain, snow or water. It can clean itself and is easy to maintain.


The application range of the steel grid plate is extremely wide, and it can be used for various platforms for general power plant, factory, workshop, mining, port, warehouse construction. It is beautiful and easy to install, and it is a new type of  building product. It can add welding kick boards (fenders), checkerboard guards, and installation of attachments and other accessories around it. It can use flat steel edging with different specifications, or edging with angle steel, channel steel, square tube, etc.; it can also install handles and hinges on the steel grating that needs to be frequently moved or opened.

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