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HY walkway can be made with aluminum grating, expanded grating, perforated grating, and steel grating.

Steel grating walkway is heavy, strong, can be applied to the projects requiring pretty high loading. Nowadays steel grating walkway is gradually replaced by aluminum grating as aluminum grating is lighter than steel grating and can be transported and installed more easily. And aluminum grating is with better performance in corrosion resistance. Of all HY walkway, expanded grating walkway is with the lightest weight with good bearing capacity.

Steel grating or aluminum grating can be serrated to be anti skid for walkway while expanded grating is born to be nonslip with its knurled surface. HY walkway can ensure the security for people walking on it.

Walkway can be applied in platform bridge, trestle, drilling platform, can be used indoor or outdoor, even in offshore areas.

Advantages of Metal Grating Walkway:

Material saving: under the same load conditions, it is the most economical way to save materials, correspondingly, and it can reduce the supporting structure materials.
Investment reduction: save material and labor, avoid cleaning and maintenance.
Simple construction: with bolt clamping or welding fixed on pre-installed support, one person can finish.
Saving time: the product does not need to be reprocessed on site, the installation is very fast.
Durability: It has been oxidized before delivery, and the corrosion resistance is strong.
Modern style: it has a beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilation and light transmission, giving people a modern feeling of overall fluency.
Light structure: less material, light structure and easy lifting.
Dirt resistant: no rainwater, snow and dust collection.
Reduce wind resistance: it is well ventilated. When the wind is strong, its wind resistance is small, which can reduce the wind damage.
Simple design: no small beam, simple structure and simplified design. It has the advantages of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance.

Design Requirements of Aluminum Grating Walkway:

Aluminum grating is widely applied at walkways for its characters, there are some requirements as below:
1) there should be no big gaps: because we should avoid the danger of falling objects, aluminum grating itself and the installation should not exist big gap. In order to prevent objects from falling through the platforms and channels, the clearance of working platforms, or aluminum grating should not let the diameter of 3.5 cm ball fall through. In a place with many people, the net gap on the aluminum grating channel should not pass through a sphere with a diameter of 2 centimeters.
2) aluminum grating should be installed firmly, and prevent falling. In the installation, we should try to use welding methods for fixed.
3) the appropriate load should be selected according to the specific use site and the person's throughput.
4) daily maintenance is very important: use the number of installation clamps not less than 4, and in order to find out any corrosion or any dangerous looseness or the change of the clamping position, the fastening status of attachments should be checked at any time to prevent pedestrians from slipping in danger.    
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