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Safety Guarding

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The aluminum products produced by HY Industry also play an important role in the safety protection. Here are a few examples:

Aluminum safety grating products: in safety features, because of its ventilation facilities in safety features, it is beneficial to open more space. The high quality aluminum alloy plate can protect the fire sprinkler layout, and does not affect the overall visual effect; It can also cooperate with the frame system; Finally, the strong connection between the plates makes each piece can be repeatedly disassembled with no damage.


1. The base material adopts brand new environmental aluminum, which is forged by deep process with safe and free formaldehyde materials, and it is resistant to oxidation and rust.

2. It can achieve aluminum thickness detection rules, ensure the overall durability and stability, and no deformation of aluminum grating.

Aluminum louver: similar with aluminum grating, aluminum louver can not only provide safety as safety guarding, but also guarantee the privacy.

Aluminum grating and louver can be painted with different colors to suit different projects.

Steel grating is heavier than aluminum grating while it is with a stronger bearing capacity.


It is mainly used in highway engineering, railway engineering, municipal engineering, green engineering, courtyard fence, etc.

The characteristics of aluminum column product profile: it adopts high quality aluminum ingots, including silicon, magnesium, zinc, titanium and other chemical substances, this is the necessary condition to reach the tensile and compressive resistance of the aluminum alloy railing.

Good mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and Wehn's hardness.


1. Aesthetics: the streamline appearance and the soft and warm colors can blend the modern urban space and the natural environment so that you can take a leisurely trip.
2. Safety: high strength, aluminum alloy, and unique design, all without welding points, the overall strength has been greatly improved.
3. Practicability: the surface is processed by special crafts, forming a permanent protective film, smooth, never rusting, easy to clean and free of maintenance.
4. Weatherability: with aluminum alloy, so it can be adapted to the polluted coastal areas.

The products are suitable for indoor and outdoor balcony floor-to-ceiling glass, stair, armrest, and it is the best choice for apartments, villas, office buildings, and municipal utilities. It is safe, rugged and meets the requirements of national standards.
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