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Trench Cover

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A Trench cover is aluminum grate or steel grate you put over a drain. The trench drain grate has the advantages of high strength, high load bearing, light weight, large displacement, good durability, and etc. Its main purpose is to protect the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, etc, and sometimes to protect the safety of gully. Surface treatment for teel trench cover is usually hot - dipped galvanizing, while powder coating is also fine. Aluminum trench cover is generally clear anodized or powder painting. In our daily life, the trench drain grate is relatively common, it is an indispensable part for municipal engineering, urban roads, gardens and other places.

The classification of trench cover products:

1. Usually, according to the different materials, it can be divided into aluminum trench cover, hot - dipped galvanized trench cove, stainless steel trench cover and so on.
2. According to the shape of trench cover, it can be divided into: general trench cover plate, u-shaped trench cover, tubular trench cover and open-type trench cover.

Although trench cover is not ordinary, it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It has the functions of environmental protection, elegant appearance, drainage and compression. Advantages of the steel grille board are described below.

Advantages of aluminum trench cover:

1. High tensile: its intensity and toughness are much higher than cast iron, it can be used in large span and heavy load environment such as docks, airports, etc..
2. Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern trend.
3. Investment reduction: referring to large span, heavy load, it is lower than cast iron price and saves the cost of stolen or crushed replacement.
4. Anti-theft design: the cover and frame are connected with hinge, which has the advantage of anti-theft, security and opening convenience.
5. Hot dip galvanizing: anti-rust resistance, free maintenance and replacement.
6. Excellent drainage performance: the water leakage area is 83.3 percent, more than twice as much as cast iron.
7. Steel plate specifications are varied: meet the requirements of different environment, load, span, scale and shape.

According to the different use case of the steel grille trench cover, there are different specifications. Its surface can be processed under hot-dip galvanized, cold galvanized, painted treatment. After hot dip zinc treatment, it is beautiful, durable, and antiseptic, and it has the incomparable advantages compared with cast iron cover. It is easy to open and prevents theft by means of hinged coupling or hook join. The storm drain cover is made according to the standard of gutters. It is widely used in urban roads, squares, gardens, wharves, airports, parking lots, roads, railways, industrial projects and other industrial and civil buildings.
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