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Tree Grates

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The main body of the cover of tree grates is composed of two or four symmetrical panels. The center of the cover is provided with a tree hole, and the hole is surrounded by multiple leaky holes. It is mainly used to protect from the soil erosion and beautify the environment of the trees on both sides of the street.

Tree grilles and grates can be made of a variety of materials, including aluminum alloy, carbon steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc. HY export tree grates for sale at a reasonable price, design tree grates you need perfectly!

The tree grate cover is two semicircular plastic lipid plates covered on the tree pool. The flat top is arranged with elliptical grooves, which can be permeable and can protect the roots of trees. In order to keep the dust from flying, the garden department handles every tree grate of each tree. It is also necessary to improve the city's air quality. The installation of tree grates can not only protect the root system of trees but also improve the green infrastructure. It can also increase the urban landscape, and it is convenient for cleaning. Compared with the original tree grate, the new tree grate is parallel to the road, making it safer for citizens to travel. It has a gap of 20% to 30% and has good permeability and air permeability. Besides, there is no water on the surface after the rain. The moisture in the permeable material layer is slowly evaporating under the sunlight. It can be used to regulate the temperature and humidity of the ground, and it also enables the exchange of water, gas and heat between urban soil and atmosphere, which improves the environmental system.

The most common use in cities is steel grating and aluminum grating, this is right next to the tree, the tree cover, it is a kind of protective cover plate by using aluminum grating or steel grating. The hollow-out rate can be up to 90%, which is several times that of cement and cast iron. The drainage of the tree head is also excellent, and the green grass can be fully exposed to the air and sunlight.

Functions of trench drain grates:

1. Protect the roots of the tree, reduce water evaporation and soil erosion.
2. Conducive to the growth of tree, easy for artificial watering and water conservation.
3. Improve labor efficiency of artificial irrigation and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
4. Save time, reduce the maintenance cost of the trees (the cost can be reduced by more than 2 times).

Installation and maintenance of tree grate:

First, we should calculate the size of the cover plate before installation. It is important to note that when the dimension is determined, the cutting surface should be kept parallel to the horizontal surface of the grille. In this way, the strength performance of the tree grate can be improved.

Once again, it is necessary to install the cover plate, which needs to be fixed with the connecting pieces, and it is recommended to choose the glass steel profile. There is no need for a fixed process that is as complicated as a metal tree grate, it only needs a simple profile connector to fix it.

Maintenance: it is the same as the trench cover, you only need to wash the surface without any more maintenance work. The maintenance method is simple and convenient.

Tree grates are widely used in various fields for greening and environmental protection, which will be a wide market in the future.

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