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Window Louver

The window louvers are a soft fitted furnished decoration for a family's new home. According to the materials, the window-shades can be divided into as follows: wood, aluminum and plastic. Aluminum louvers, a Venetian window louver made of aluminum alloy material, often appears in contemporary household adornment with beautiful modelling, changeable style, and durable function. "Aluminum alloy window louver" is a curtain which is used widely, it is shaped like a louver, and aluminum louvers are mainly made of non-rust aluminum alloys. It has the advantages of lightness, durability, lightweight, easy operation, easy cleaning and so on.

Aluminum louver can be directly welded to aluminum frames to be made up to the window louver, or installed outside glazing facades.

Advantages of External Louvers:

1. Light weight: the aluminum alloy has a small density, so it will be lighter in weight and easy to install and use.
2. High strength: the section of aluminium louver has good bending resistance, high strength, easy to squeeze with small deformation, which is suitable for the use of doors and windows.
3. Good sealing properties: the cross-section size of aluminum alloy is accurate and the machining accuracy is high. Therefore, it is easy to extrude and is not easy to deform. It is a kind of waterproof, elastic, wear-resistant and well-sealed material. The rubber and silicone rubber seals we normally see are made of aluminum alloy.
4. Strong corrosion resistance: aluminum alloy material has an oxidation layer on the outside, which is easy to maintain.

Functions of Window Louvers:

Beautiful appearance and energy saving, concise and neat shape:
The window louver can be fully collected, the outside view can be seen clearly, and the window is simple and generous. The curtain takes up some space of the window, which makes the width of the visual window of the house affected, and appears cumbersome.

The protection of privacy:
The louver blades with angle can keep people inside invisible from outside.

We just need to wipe with a rag, please use neutral lotion while cleaning. Don't worry about fading, discoloration. The window louver of waterproof can be completely washed.

Warm in winter and cool in summer:
The use of good insulation materials effectively keeps the indoor temperature and achieves the purpose of saving energy. (note: only a few brands with a good reputation can guarantee this, and the beauty of appearance doesn't mean everything.)

Blocking ultraviolet:
It effectively blocks ultraviolet ray and protects the furniture from the ultraviolet radiation. Besides, the window louvers can resist the ultraviolet radiation and regulate the indoor light. Referring to ventilation, the installation of the window louvers and the thick texture can let us enjoy the cool breeze without any other concerns. The curtain of the floating pendulum of the indoor life is looming, the design of a layer of window louver is to ensure the privacy of household; In addition, when the window louver is completely closed, it is like a window, which can play the role as sound insulation.

Specification of louver blades:

There is a range of aluminum louver, like SS203/60, SS323/60, SS403/60, SC323/60 etc with different angles available. Sunscreen louvers and trafficable louvers are both available when trafficable louver can block strong sunlight and be used as a platform.

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