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Why Is "No Welding Point" of Aluminum Grating so Powerful

Aluminum grating is an emerging structural engineering material, which is made of flat aluminum and square aluminum according to a certain distance through a unique process. It is widely used in marine engineering, shipbuilding, sewage treatment, petrochemical industry, greening projects, and building exterior wall decoration.


As the application of aluminum grating becomes more and more widespread, everyone's awareness of aluminum grating is getting stronger and stronger. So what are the highlights of aluminum grating? Here is a detailed explanation of the "no welding point" of aluminum grating.


1. Not easy to rust:


At present, steel grating is widely used, which has a wide range of applications and low prices. However, this kind of steel grating is easy to rust, especially the welding point, which rusts and corrodes when affected by the environment, air and other factors.


However, the aluminum grating will not be corrode or rust, because aluminum is oxidized in the air to form alumina, which has stable properties, high temperature resistance and humidity resistance, and stable chemical properties at room temperature. So aluminum will not rust or corrode.


2. Firm connection (not deformed):


The welding of steel grating mainly includes argon arc welding, shielded welding and popular galvanized steel grating welding methods. These welding methods cannot guarantee firm strength, and are often affected by the use environment, which will affect the service life. However, the aluminum grating  will be no deformation.


The aluminum grating has no welding points and it adopts the extrusion process (swaged). The main processing process: flat aluminum-punching teeth-punching-upper extruder through aluminum-extruder extrusion swaged forming-cutting and reshaping according to the size required by the drawing-according to the customer's needs to carry out the edge welding of the end of the grid-according to the customer's need to oxidize or spray surface treatment. This process without welding points can ensure the firmness of the aluminum grating and will not deform during use, thereby ensuring its safety.


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