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What is Perforated Plate?

Perforated plate is also called punched plate, which is formed by punching holes in different materials. The materials are mostly stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, iron plates, copper plates and so on. Metal plates with different processes are cut to appropriate sizes and perforated on CNC machines to achieve the desired pattern effects.

The sizes of the holes and patterns of the perforated plates can be carefully processed and designed according to the requirements, and holes of different sizes, densities, and shapes will create different effects of translucent line of sight. Perforated plate design can meet your requirements.

The shapes of perforated plate holes are: rectangle hole, square hole, rhombus hole, round hole, oblong hole, hexagon hole, cross hole, triangle hole, long-waist hole, quincunx hole, fish scale hole, pattern hole, splayed net, herringbone hole, five-pointed star hole, irregular hole, bulge hole, special-shaped hole, shutter hole and so on. The material has extremely strong decorativeness with the characteristic of lucency, which makes it perform excellently in decoration and have unique effects on the expression of light and shadow.

Perforated plates are widely applied in real life, which are not only used to absorb noise, but also as decorative plates in common architectural external facades, landscape sculptures, walls of designed garden landscape, corridors, corridors, etc., which look beautiful and generous. The materials and textures are carefully controlled, and the effects of specific patterns are achieved through different sizes of holes and changes in density.

There are two kinds of perforated plates produced by HY Industry: ordinary perforated plates and perforated design plates. There are ordinary holes such as round holes, square holes and rectangle holes on ordinary perforated plates, while perforated design plates provide perforated plate design, coming with customized images to meet your specific requirements.