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What Is An Aluminium Blinds? How To Install The Aluminum Blinds?

What is a fixed aluminum louvers curtain?

Aluminum blinds, mainly made of aluminum alloy, are durable, fresh, easy to clean, non-aging, non-fading, sunshade, heat insulation, ventilation, and fire protection. They are mostly used in office buildings, living rooms, hotels, villas and other places.

Aluminum blinds can be manually or electronically controlled by light. Aluminum blinds can be printed with a variety of colors and flowers for choice. They are colorful and rich, bringing vitality to the living room.

All accessories and pulling ropes of aluminum blinds are matched with the curtain with a similar color. The width of the curtain is 1.6 cm, 2.5 cm, 3.5 cm, 5.0 cm, etc. It has good resilience and toughness.

The top groove, bottom groove, and installation code are all coated with a varnish of different colors. The box-shaped installation code at both ends is made of metal. When installation and disassembly, only one side of the installation code is lifted out. When the curtain exceeds a certain height, it is equipped with a middle bracket. The installation code is the same color as the top slot.

How to install fixed aluminum louvers curtain?

(1) Side mounting. Routinely, side mounting is adopted, because the installation is more convenient and firm.
Installation facing the sky. Skyward installation is a common installation method when the side of the window frame can not be installed. It is more difficult to install than the side, so it is less used.

(3)When a hundred-page curtain is installed outside the window, 20-30_should be released on both sides of the height direction. When installed in the height direction, it is better to be higher than about 100_of the upper window frame. The specific amount of the curtain can be selected according to the actual situation.

If you want to install the shutter curtain in the window frame, you should subtract 20 feet from the height and width of the window frame.

How to maintain the aluminum blinds?

Method 1: This method is mainly aimed at aluminum alloy blinds hanging on the balcony or living room and room friends, then, for aluminum alloy blinds, the biggest enemy is dust, so the simplest way is to use a chicken feather duster regularly, but we must remember: often dusting.

Method 2: First pour a proper amount of detergent into a sufficiently large cleaning tank, and then immerse the aluminum alloy blinds in it. After the dust and oil stains adhering to the blades are dissolved, they are washed repeatedly with clean water. The last step is to dry each leaf thoroughly.

Method 3: Wear a pair of rubber gloves, then wear a pair of thread gloves (or cloth gloves), and then soak the hand with the prepared detergent (pay attention not to soak too wet), wipe one leaf at a time. After wiping, clean the leaves with detergent repeatedly with clean water in the same way. Finally, put on dry gloves and wipe them dry.