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What are the Advantages of Outdoor Aluminum Louvers?

Architectural shading can be divided into internal shading and external shading. Compared to internal shading, external shading has a better energy-saving effect. External shading reflects 80% of the heat back and blocks it out. Therefore, no matter in the metropolis or in private villas, there will be a lot of different forms of shading construction projects.

Outdoor aluminum louvers not only have all the advantages of the shading system, but also have remarkable effects on energy-saving and thermal insulation, transparency, and safety as well as overall coordination, which can meet users' needs for convenience, safety, and reliability in daily life.

1. Outdoor aluminum louvers: Energy saving and thermal insulation

The louvers made of aluminum alloy can reduce the sunlight transmittance by up to 90%. Combining with the respiration-type curtain wall system, the louvers can adjust the position of the blades automatically according to the light, so as to reduce the dazzling light, strong light, and other problems indoor and create a comfortable space.

2. Outdoor aluminum louvers: Transparency and safety

The all-around aluminum external shading comprehensively protects our privacy. At the same time, the transparent blades do not affect the sight but seem to provide a veil when people look from the inside to the outside, which can also filter the landscape.

3. Outdoor aluminum louvers: Overall coordination

From the details of the external shading to the overall shaping, designers will refer to the structure of the house for planning, so that the aluminum external shading and housing collocation will appear integrated.

HY Industry, as one of the best aluminum louvers suppliers, offers two types of aluminum louvers: 

one is SS aluminum louvers, which can reduce the sunlight and the operating cost of the air conditioner; the other is SC aluminum louvers, which is an innovative product that can be used to clean and maintain the exterior walls of buildings.