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Welding Procedures and Installation Fixation of Steel Lattice Plate

Welding steps:

1. Before welding, the galvanized layer, paint, rust, oil, water, and other dirt on the surface of the supporting beam and steel grille must be cleaned.

2.Welding method: steel grate flooring welding can be fixed by segmental welding, generally 4-6 / (weld increases with the increase of steel grate flooring area), weld: length >=20 mm, height >=3 mm; welding position: weld is generally welded in the inner side of a flat steel with four corners, that is, internal angle welding is used.

3. After welding, two coatings of silver powder are manually sprayed on the weld seam to protect the surface of the steel grille.

Installation clamp fixing:

(1)Installation clamp fixation: Professional installation of steel grate flooring is used for the installation method adopted under the requirements of inspection and maintenance equipment, installation equipment, etc. after the installation of steel grille plate is completed, it needs to be disassembled frequently. General 4-6 sets/

(2)Installation clamp composition: each set of installation clamp consists of the upper clamp, lower clamp, M8 bolt, and nut. Fifth, installation steps: upper clamp: clamp on the upper surface of steel grate flooring, and the clamp corresponds to the load flat steel of steel grille.

Lower clamp: Place on the lower surface of the steel lattice, long end against the steel lattice support beam, the clamp, and the load flat steel are clamped correspondingly, pay attention to the waist hole and the upper clamp bolt hole are perpendicular to a straight line; Bolt and nut: after the position of upper and lower clamp is positioned, the bolt is linked up and down through the bolt hole, the nut is tightened and fixed from bottom to top six, pay attention to things Item:

(1)After the installation of the steel grille, it is necessary to check whether the welding joint is damaged or whether the installation clamp is loose. Once relevant problems are found, appropriate measures should be taken in time to ensure safety.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to use load flat steel or crossbar as hoisting support points when unloading and hoisting steel grille plates. Above are the concrete use and installation steps of steel grille.