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The Era of Aluminum Stair Pedals Has Come, and Decorative Pattern Plate is about to Be Fade

The aluminum stair treads are made of aluminum alloy materials and an extrusion process to form a net-like structure. It is light in weight, beautiful in appearance, corrosion-resistant, and high in strength. Generally, aluminum gratings are made of 6063 material.

Aluminum stair treads are widely used in power plants, water plants and other factories, as well as platforms, walkways, paving panels, floors, platform stairs, theaters, visiting platforms, parking lots and other large venues in municipal engineering, sanitation engineering and other fields.

With the special requirements of different projects, strict requirements for safety performance and various performance requirements, checkered plates can no longer meet the needs of use, so other products will be found to replace them. Therefore, aluminum stair treads are born spontaneously. Why are aluminum stair treads so Favored?

(1) Simple installation: the installation of aluminum stair treads is very simple with no welding points and light weight;

(2) It is good in ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof and anti-skid performance;

(3) Anti-corrosion is not afraid of immersion in water and prevents rust.

(4) The step board has high strength, light structure and durability;

(5) The maintenance is very simple and prevents dirt accumulation.

Most platforms and walkways need to be connected to structures of different heights through step boards. This connection improves safety and cost-effectiveness. Ordinary checkered plates are prone to corrosion and rust, which greatly reduces the service life. Therefore, aluminum stair steps are an advantageous special product to replace checkered plates.

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