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The Application of the Aluminum Grille in Curtain Wall Building

Most of the curtain walls we used to see were made by concrete or glass. While in contemporary architecture aluminum gratings have replaced them. Why are concrete curtain walls no longer popular? Why do the aluminum grating curtain walls come to prominence? Here are the reasons:

1. The aluminum grating is light and easy to be used in work

A large number of form boards and a large amount of field work are needed to make concrete curtain walls in the construction, with a long construction period. Especially for high-rise buildings, construction is undoubtedly a difficult problem. The aluminum grating is very light and easy to be transported and installed, reducing the loads of high-rise buildings and providing a better choice for high-rise buildings.

2. The aluminum grating is safe, energy-saving and effective in pollution prevention

In contemporary architecture the glass curtain wall is a new type of wall, displaying architectural beauty and artistic sense. But it also has many shortcomings, for example, light pollution (light reflex, radiation, etc.). In areas where the atmospheric pollution is severe, glass curtain wall is easy to contact dirty dust which is hard to clean. In the modern city landscape this kind of stains do not increase the "glory", but lose "face".

The curtain walls made of aluminum grating completely eliminates these shortcomings by using aluminum alloy so as to avoid light pollution and have advantages of being waterproof and antifouling, excellent corrosion resistance, simple maintenance and automatic cleaning. It can ensure that buildings have a new and clean exterior surface for a long time.

3. The aluminum grating has customized designs and a long service life

The aluminum grating can also be made into different shapes by combined treatment, expanding the scope of architects' design ideas, and the service life can be as long as 15 to 20 years; At the same time it has a high performance, safe and environment-friendly, satisfying the basic request of the contemporary architecture. Therefore, the aluminum grating curtain wall as a form of architecture with the powerful impact force, is quite well received!