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The application of Aluminum Grating

Following is the application of aluminum grating:

With the establishment of modern office building, the application of aluminum grating can be seen everywhere. The reason why this new material develops so fast is that it has many characteristics that other materials do not have.

The main and side keels of aluminum grating are vertically and horizontally distributed with distinct layers, strong stereoscopic sense, novel shape, fire and temperature resistance, good ventilation, low cost, short processing cycle, small processing difficulty, diversified size, good flatness of profile and low installation loss. It is widely used in such places as shopping malls, bars, waiting rooms, airports, subways and other places, which is elegant and beautiful like new through the years.

This kind of grating was used for outdoor decoration in the past, but recently it is often used indoors, and the effect is exceedingly good. The use of aluminum grating to decorate the walls makes the whole hall more magnificent and three-dimensional. The light source penetrates variedly through the wall, so that designers can have more room for artistic conception and individuality.

Among all kinds of metals, aluminum is a metal material 100% recyclable, so our aluminum grating is also an environmental protection material. It can provide long-term service without corrosion. Due to these excellent qualities, aluminum grating is widely used in construction projects, used as aluminum grating floor, forged aluminum grating, platform, walkway, floor, sunscreen shutters of sewage and wastewater treatment plants, offshore drilling rigs, seaport projects, airport projects, marine projects and urban buildings.