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The Aluminum Grating Can Be Used As the Trench Cover Plate Unexpectedly

The drain trench cover plate is the commonly-used kind trench cover plate, and as long as there is a drain, there is a cover plate. The trench cover plate in the beginning was made of cement and cast iron. However, in the normal use it was easy to be damaged and the cost of replacement was big. Therefore, there are the gap-type stainless steel cover plate, steel grid cover plate, etc. However, the above several types of cover plate often do not meet the requirements of use, and are vulnerable to rust and deformation, so that now there is the very popular trench cover plate made of the aluminum grating.

The use environment of the gap-type stainless steel cover plate and the steel grid cover plate is damp on the surface, in which plates are prone to confront rain erosion, rust, deformation and other phenomena. Therefore, the plate need to be replaced regularly to ensure safety and thus it has a short service life.

And the aluminum grating has advantages of easy construction, light weight,  good load bearing and impact resistance. What's more, made of aluminum alloy, it boasts excellent corrosion resistance, clean surface, firm and tight extrusion technology, invulnerability to deformation, great strength and a  long service life.

In order to ensure its safety and people who step on the plate can safely pass without slipping, the anti-slipping aluminum grating trench cover plate comes to the market: The anti-slipping trench cover plate is made by processing the toothed flat aluminum on one side, highlighting its anti-slipping ability, which is especially suitable for wet and greasy places, offshore oil production platform and so on.

The aluminum grating made by the HY Industry Co.,Ltd is the best material to manufacture the trench cover plate, which has advantages of light weight, high strength, no welding points and low power consumption; What's more, it boasts excellent corrosion resistance, and a very competitive price.