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Specific Characteristics Of Steel Ladder Pedal In Use?

We all know the application of slip-proof stair treads in stairs. Now we will talk about the characteristics of slip-proof stair treads. Through a variety of comparisons, I hope to give some guidance to friends who want to buy or use slip-proof stair treads!

What are the characteristics of slip-proof stair treads?

1. Generally speaking, the anti-skid steel ladder pedal is made of sawtooth flat steel and twist steel cross-welded on one side. Besides the characteristics and uses of common steel grille, it also has strong anti-skid performance, especially for wet and greasy places, offshore oil production platforms.

2. Anti-skid steel ladder pedal after hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment has strong anti-corrosion ability and 50 years maintenance-free.

3. Generally, high-strength carbon steel, steel lattice plate has high strength, also suitable for large-span and heavy load environment.

4. Large mesh drainage effect is perfect, it is a good choice for open-air stairs.

5. Beautiful appearance

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