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If the building has too much heat sources, this will not only make the room staff feel uncomfortable but also it will increase the load of air-conditioning. In order to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, the first thing is to start from the energy saving design of the building shell. The benefits of external shading to the occupants are obvious; It blocks strong solar radiation and helps to create a cool indoor thermal environment.

As an integral part of the building facade, it occupies an important position in the facade design. A good building louver screen not only has to meet the requirements of shading performance, it also brings a richer and creative artistic effect to the building's facade. There are two aspects of the facade design based on shading form. On the one hand, we should consider the function of shading molding function, and use its artistic expression technique to create a rich facade effect. On the other hand, we should choose the suitable shading form by combining the facade form of the building, and then design it properly so as to achieve the perfect combination of sunshading and elevation form.

The external sunscreen blade puts the shading material or its supporting system on the outdoor side of the building. It can be used to absorb and reflect heat through shading materials while blocking the strong light, which can be used to save energy. According to its working mode, the outdoor metal screen panels can be divided into fixed sun screens and active sun screens.

Fixed sun screens
Fixed shading grid refers to the grille-type shading elements which are specially set up during the design and construction process. The fixed shading grille construction method is suitable for most architectures with simple constructing methods, stable structure and low cost, aluminum grating and aluminum louver can be used as the whole building facade. The Perforated panel can also be used as sun screens, it's beautiful with its different patterns. You can choose any patterns to have it on the plate.

Movable sun screens

In recent years, people have developed different types of movable building sunshading devices and they’re equipped with intelligent control systems. Compared with movable sun screens, the fixed sunshading grille cannot be freely regulated. Movable sun screens realizes the control of the angle and direction of sunlight. At present, the internationally recognized effective sun screens are aimed at the control of exterior louvers for buildings. HY industry adopts sunscreen blades, make it adjustable by changing its installation angle.

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