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Rediscover Perforated Plate - the New Fashionable Favorite in Material Field (1)

In fact, there will be unexpected surprises if we add some creativity to ordinary materials, such as the perforated plates. What are they? Actually they are metal plates with holes punched in them. However, ordinary metal plates with different processes can be used in diversified ways by designers, which will create different rhythms and architectural textures and bring a surprise to the city we live in.

As the name suggests, perforated plate is the metal plate with punched holes in it, which is also known as punching plate, perforated metal, perforated screen. Most of the perforated plates are made of aluminum alloy and other metal plates processed by punching or milling machines with the characteristics of long service life and non-defrmation. The previous article has introduced two advantages of perforated plates, and the other two will be described below:


1. Different combining forms of boards

Perforated plates can be made in different shapes and sizes according to the requirements of architects, and can be connected and combined in various ways.

2. Lower the sound level

In acoustic field, sound absorption is one of the important measures to control noise and improve indoor sound quality, and perforated plates exactly have the advantage. Studies have shown that perforated metal can help reduce sound levels,whose acoustic property can reduce the effects of noise on people's health. And buildings that use perforated metal plates in front of the facades can save 29 % of the energy.