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Rediscover Perforated Plate - the New Fashionable Favorite in Material Field (1)

Now the building materials are more and more various and novel, so the single material can not meet the design needs. When we talk about building materials, we tend to think of marble, aluminum plate, paint, etc., but are you eager for something different?

With the development of technology, the application of perforated plates quickly expanded beyond their original functions. Born with an avant-garde temperament, perforated plates have been widely used in architecture, landscape, interior design and decoration to create a stylish and modern sense of beauty. The sizes of the holes and patterns of the perforated plates can be carefully processed and designed according to the requirements, and holes of different sizes, densities, and shapes will create different effects of translucent line of sight.


The advantages of perforated plates are as follows:

1. Porosity

Porosity is the most direct appearance characteristic of perforated metal plates. Porosity means that the two parts of space separated by the surface can infiltrate with each other, which breaks the the inherent boundaries between inside and outside and creates a more open public space from the form. With this property, perforated plates can provide the city and users with the required intuitive feeling and really achieve the mutual penetration between internal and external space.

2. Variegated light and shadow effect

Perforated plates will produce various light and shadow changes in sunlight or light. The light and shadow effects makes the relationship between the main body of the building and the outer skin hazier more holistic and more layered, and the changes in the size of the holes, the aperture and the perforation rate will also bring different light and shadow effects.