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Stair Tread

Stair Tread
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    HY stair tread could be made of aluminum grating, steel grating, expanded grating, even perforated plate. 
    Aluminum swaged grating stair tread is our most commonly stair treads, combined with aluminum swaged grating and covered plate nosing and banded bars. Covered plate could be checkered plate or striped plate or vertical perforated plate or any other type you like.
       Aluminum stair treads is light, elegant. Steel stair treads is heavy, strong, with better bearing capacity. 
Expanded grating could also used as stair tread. Specially for 30mm expanded grating or 40mm expanded grating, as they are strong enough and high enough. Expanded walkway is born to be knurled, which is anti slip without another process. It is usually installed by aluminum disks, easy installed and beautiful. 
    Aluminum and steel grating stair tread is usually installed by welding or bolted fixing. Grating stair tread with serrated bearing bars is available for skid resistance. 
    Perforated plate is sometimes used as stair tread. As they are not that strong, usually used when there is no need for large bearing capacity. 
    Plank grating, Perf-O grating, and other type grating could also be made to stair tread. 
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