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All the grating series products of HY Industry, including aluminum grating, steel grating, expanded grating, and other gratings, like perforated grating, and some aluminum profile, can also be applied as platform. Together with aluminum stanchions or steel stanchions, platform can ensure the security.

The surface of the platform aluminum plate is generally oxidized. Steel grid is generally made of carbon steel, it is hot-dip galvanized on the outside surface, which can play a role in corrosion protection. It can also be made of stainless steel, which has the properties of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-slip and explosion proof. It is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power, water, sewage disposal, port terminals, building decoration, shipbuilding, self-contained parking lot, municipal engineering, environmental projects, and etc.

Features of Aluminum Walk Paltforms:

1. You can install the kick plate, checkered plate and install the attachment.
2. Banding with flats or RHS or other plates for installation.
3. We can install the handle and hinge on the grating that needs to be moved or opened.

The Size of Platform Grating:

The max length and width of aluminum grating are 7500 mm and 1500 mm for a continuous section. The max width is 1000 mm. While we can weld two gratings to an integral one or just have them installed as two parts to make them look like one.

The Advantages of Metal Grate Platform:

Aluminum grating is light, anti-corrosion, easy to be installed and anti skid with its serrated surface), while expanded grating is also anti skid with its knurled surface. The steel grating platform has the characteristics of strong durability, high bearing capacity, large bending rigidity, steel saving function, skid proof, safety, simple construction and fast installation speed. It has been widely used in petrochemical industry and other industries.

The using amount of platform steel grid plate is also very large in petrochemical enterprises. For example, steel frame plate is generally used in the frame with steel amount of about 25% to 35% of the total steel amount in the frame. Therefore, it is of practical significance to select a platform steel grid which is economical and reasonable and can meet the requirements of use.

Design of Steel Grid Platform:

1. Selection of platform aluminum grid (steel grating):
The model of aluminum grid (steel grid plate) (including specifications of flats, spacing, surface treatment and so on) should be considered from the load requirement and the supporting frame and chosen according to the design of the platform.

2. Choice of connection form:
Aluminum grating or steel grating are generally installed by clips or bolts, can be also installed by other methods "according to the condition of the projects.

3. Reserved holes in the platform:
Due to the perforation of the process pipe and the error of piping installation, aluminum grating (steel grating) needs to reserve holes, the size, location, and the processing requirements of the hole should be properly explained in the design.

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