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Perfect Combination of the Sewage Treatment Equipment and Aluminum Stair Treads

The sewage treatment equipment is large in volume, high in height and complex in structure, requiring multiple processes for operation. Therefore, strict requirements are required in the assembly and accessories of the equipment, so as to achieve a flexible operation process. In the choice of the hardware of the sewage treatment equipment, the aluminum stair tread can fully demonstrate its advantages.

Why aluminum stair treads? The reasons are as follows:

1. The aluminum stair tread has advantages of corrosion resistance, no aging, no color fading and no falling off, with a service life of as long as 15 to 20 years. These are also the main reasons the steel grid is replaced and phased out. What’s more, the steel grid will appear corrosion and rust after being used for a long time, and it has a short service life.

2. Aluminum stair treads are beautiful in appearance and have no welding points so as to ensure the fastness of products and the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

3. The aluminum alloy has advantages of rust resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and high safety. The maintenance personnel need to tread on it frequently, and its coefficient of slip-resistance is large, with its own cleaning function, so that there is no need for maintenance.

Aluminum stair treads manufactured by the HY Industry Co.,Ltd are mainly used for platforms, walkways, ramps and external walls of buildings, which can be welded or bolted together with easy installation. At the same time, our products are made of aluminum alloy, boasting light weight, high strength, the hobbing slip-resistance design, and high safety performance, which are the ideal choices for many industries.