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Why steel will be replaced by aluminum

Years ago, steel grating is most popular in kinds of projects abroad, applied in walkways, platforms, catwalk, stairs, drainage etc. While in recent years, aluminum grating are gradually replace of steel grating in many projects.

Firstly, at the same area, aluminum grating is weighed only one third of steel grating, while it has good bearing capacity, so better weight/bearing ratio than steel grating.

In some projects, like a maintenance platform in aloft, it requires the least weight with the best bearing capacity. Steel grating or steel panels couldn’t reach to this requirement, while our expanded grating meets. HY expanded grating is widely used in the maintenance platforms, rooftop platforms, aerial working platforms and so on. It is the same with swaged aluminum grating.

Secondly, there is no pollution or safety concerns with aluminum grating.

We all know that steel grating is always fabricated by welding, which brings much pollution. While our aluminum grating is swaged, without welding points. There is no emission of waste water or gas, which is also safe to workers and people who use it. And our aluminum grating is corrosion resistant, which has a long lifetime.

We do believe aluminum products will have a bright future.

2.Why steel will be replaced by aluminum