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Two types of External sun louver blinds

HY Industry is a professional manufacturer of high quality sun louver blinds exported to global countries. For louver blinds, HY is specialized in manufacturer of swaged aluminum louver blinds.

Architectural swaged aluminum louvers, with the modern technology, have become more fashion and updated. Aluminum louver blinds, as the premier choice of buildings windows, greatly improved the living environment.

External sun louvers, you must have some general idea that it adopts high strength aluminum alloy materials, features in high intensity, easy installation and good-looking appearance, are widely used for beautify buildings and cover air-conditioner. In general, louver blinds are divided into vertical louver blinds and horizontal louver blinds.

1. Horizontal louver blinds

Regulation of light, ventilation

During the night, you can prevent indoor light lighting to the outdoor; in winter day, it can help to bring sunlight and make the room bright and warm;  in summer can block the strong sunlight while ventilation, to cool room.

Horizontal louver blinds

Energy Saving

In winter, prevent the warm air inside flow to the outside to enhance the efficiency of air conditioning heater; in summer cover

block sunlight reflection, enhance the cooling effect of air conditioning

Protection of personal privacy

By adjusting the angle of blinds, can stop the shot came from the top or bottom of sight.

Horizontal louver blinds

1.Vertical louver blinds

Can freely adjust the sun and the eyes of the outside world. In external sunscreen design, vertical lines are unique, showing avant-garde style, very suitable for the model with a slender window or wide and tall French windows.

Vertical louver blinds

External sunscreen and sun louvers applications

External sunscreen and louver blinds installed on the outer wall can be decorative, ventilation and water-proof, at the same time it can decorate both high-end residential air conditioner cover, making nice appearance. Louver blinds made of high strength aluminum alloy materials, with high strength, easy to install, attractive appearance and so on. Its body structure based on the outdoor air conditioning size to order framework for opening forms, is conducive to air flow and reduce the direct force of wind on the frame, louver connections between the framework, greatly enhanced the strength of frame-wall air louvers. Overcoming past large exterior shutter wind or air pressure dropping off appears. Widely used in beautifying the community property, cover outdoor air conditioning, and enhancing the appearance of the building.

Vertical louver blindsExternal sunscreen and sun louvers functions

Air deodorization: aluminum louvers have good ventilation function. Through ventilation, it can remove stench taste, created a comfortable of environment. As well, outdoor shutters can be the premier choice both for ventilation and for beautiful looking.

Dust removal:

Strengthening the air changing, you can also remove dust in the room and keep the room clean, which is of great benefit to human health, because dust often come with a lot of germs in the air, ventilation can reduce bacteria in the air.

Adjusting the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor: by air exchanging, can be used to regulate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the principle is obvious, this can improve the comfort of the room.

Shade and energy-saving: in summer, Sun direct buildings, will increased buildings of indoor temperature, installation sunscreen shutters, will effectively to reduced direct sunlight, reduced indoor temperature, improve air conditioning of using efficiency. And in winter, through regulation shutters of angle to increased sun of irradiation, conducive to ventilation and lighting can effectively to improve energy using efficiency, reduce big city of island effect, makes people and natural harmony along.

Building maintenance: because of the aluminum shutters can reduce buildings stay out of the sun, reducing the erosion of rainwater on buildings, has extended building life function.