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The Stainless Steel Grill is Widely Used in Municipal Sewage Treatment. What Are Its Advantages?

Stainless steel grill, which has good drainage performance, is a special water treatment equipment that can continuously and automatically intercept and remove various shapes of impurities in the fluid. At present, it has been widely used in urban sewage treatment. In fact, stainless steel grill is a kind of steel grill plate, which is made of flat steel arranged cross-wise according to certain spacing and crossbar, and welded into a kind of steel product with square grill in the middle. Only stainless steel grill is made of stainless steel.

The advantage of stainless steel grill is that it has good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time. At present, stainless steel grill has become an important part of urban drainage system. In addition, stainless steel gril has the advantages of good sewage discharge effect, high separation efficiency and strong automation, while anti-skid stainless steel grill can greatly avoid the tire slippage caused by the slippery ground, which greatly meets the requirements of urban sewage treatment.

Generally speaking, a well-engineered urban drainage system should be able to quickly remove wastewater and prevent water from causing damage to ground paving buildings and property. Whether it is to deal with normal surface drainage or rainstorms that have not occurred for many years, a successful and unimpeded drainage system (using stainless steel grills) can achieve the following aspects:

First, it can cope with all kinds of rainstorms.
Second, It is to rapidly reduce the surface water and rapidly discharge sewage and waste water.
Third, it is to reduce wrestling and tire skidding caused by wet ground slippage.
Fourth, effectively protect the ground pavement and the service life of buildings;
Fifth, protect the fixed assets of owners and customers from flooding.