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The Introduction of The Slip Proof Stair Treads

Raw material for slip proof stair treads: toothed flat steel: the general material is Q235. The difference between toothed flat steel and ordinary flat steel is that there are uneven teeth marks on one side of the flat steel. (It is mainly in anti-skid. We mainly adopt longitudinal shear flat steel and steel plate cutting.)
Twisted steel: It is also known as twisted square steel, and generally there are square steel with the size of 5x5, 6X6, 8X8, twisted steel bar.

The characteristics of the slip proof stair treads:
(1) It is welded by a serrated flat steel plate. Besides the characteristics and uses of ordinary steel grille, it also has strong anti-skid ability, especially for wet and slippery places, offshore oil production platforms and so on.
(2) Hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment, with strong rust resistance, 30 years maintenance-free and replacement-free. This product can be used as hinge connection between ditch cover and frame, anti-theft, safe and easy to open.
(3) The use of high strength carbon steel makes the steel lattice plate have high strength: the strength and toughness are much higher than that of cast iron, which can be used in large-span and heavy-load environments such as wharfs, airports, etc.
(4) The largest mesh hole has the best drainage: the leakage area reaches 83.3%, which is the best choice for open stairs;
(5) Beautiful appearance: simple lines, silver appearance, modern ideas, saving materials and investment: when large span and heavy load, the price is lower than that of cast iron;