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The Introduction of the Ball Stanchions

Brief Introduction of ball stanchions

Ball stanchions, also known as ball connection fence, steel platform handrails, platform fence, ball connection handrails and so on, has the characteristics of beauty, novelty, easy installation, durability and so on. Ball stanchions are often used in conjunction with steel lattice plates, which is a good partner in steel lattice structures. The surface treatment is hot dipped zinc. It can be maintained free.

Ball stanchions fence is hot-dipped zinc assembly fence, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance, economic and practical, convenient and fast installation. Generally, it is designed and manufactured by factories according to the requirements of atlas. It is processed and manufactured well in factories, fixed in the field, and linked directly with the column, thus greatly speeding up the construction progress on site. The ball stanchions fence is especially suitable for waterworks, sewage treatment plants, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical enterprises and other places with strong comprehensiveness.

Application occasions of ball stanchions railings

Ball stanchions railings are widely used in sewage treatment, tap water, gardens, municipal roads, mines, power, petrochemical, machinery, shipbuilding, highways, railways, bridges, airports, wharf and other industrial and civil buildings. The main use in these occasions is to play a protective role.Ball stanchions is an indispensable protective product in steel platform.

The international standards for ball stanchions railings are generally BS6399 and BS6180 in Britain, 1650-1985 in Australia, and 4053-83 in China.

Characteristics of the ball stanchions

It is novel and beautiful, easy to install, durable and maintenance-free.