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The Introduction of the Aluminum Grating

The introduction of the material
Aluminum grating is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. Aluminum grating has an open field of vision, excellent ventilation and ventilation performance. Its lines are clear, neat, reflecting the concise and clear modern style, easy to install and disassemble, and it has become the main product popular in the decoration market in recent years. It is more suitable for use in public places to decorate a unique and beautiful space.

Properties and characteristics of the material
Through the combination of units and units with specific shapes, the interior ceiling decoration can be covered and penetrated, the vertical, horizontal and oblique lines of the grille are arranged, and the overall artistic effect of the decoration is increased with the unified consideration of the lighting arrangement. It has the following characteristics:
1. It belongs to the open space, which is conducive to the layout and arrangement of ventilation facilities and fire spraying without affecting the overall visual effect.
2. High-quality aluminum alloy sheet can be fitted with open frame system.
3. Uniform color and luster, used indoors, quality assurance for 10 years can not change color;
4. The connection is firm, and each grille can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly, which is convenient for maintenance.
5. Easy to match with all kinds of lamps and devices, and it can be matched with barrel lamp and fluorescent lamp, according to the actual needs of assembly, which can play a very good effect;
6. High consistency, neat arrangement, giving people clean and spacious space, not dull, not rigid.

Product Technology and Classification
The construction technology of aluminum grating is more strict, which is manifested in the following aspects: aluminum grating should be strictly managed in the process of storage and use, other materials should not be placed on the board, and collision and impact should be strictly prohibited in order to avoid damp and deformation. The repairs should be strengthened and the construction personnel should wear wire gloves to prevent contamination of the panel. Aluminum gratings are mainly divided into plane aluminum grating and grooved aluminum grating.

The grooved aluminum grating is similar to the planar aluminum grating and is made of high quality aluminum material. The difference is that grooved aluminum grating are larger in shape than planar aluminum grating, and there are about one centimeter grooves at the bottom of the aluminum grating, so this kind of aluminum grating is called grooved aluminum grating. The grooved aluminum grating has a wide bottom, strong stereoscopic effect on the overall decoration, good hardness and is not easy to deform.